Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Marketing for eBay Sellers: Part 1

Like any other business, honest item description, friendly and straight forward communication, prompt shipping are the cornerstone of any successful online business. There are no differences between traditional brick and mortar businesses and doing business online and even owning an eBay store. If you want to go beyond just being good at customer service and retain a loyal customer following, which will guarantee longterm success and repeat purchases then you should implement a direct email marketing strategies as part of your marketing campaign.
With email marketing you send current and potential customers periodic information about new products, store promotions and other happenings in your eBay Store. eBay makes email marketing a breeze. They have provided all the materials, tools and a detailed and easy way to implement a marketing strategy. You can customize up to five different messages which allows you to focus more on your campaign. They show how to attract new customers and to support their buying interests.
You can select how and when your emails are sent to your customers. You can choose to send different marketing messages to different niches. You can also divide your customer lists into different groups and market to them accordingly as well eg. some are interested in just when there is a sales and others want information. This email marketing system is very flexible and very effective.
When designing an email marketing strategy you want to make sure that customers are able to opt in and out easily. You can send your emails to everyone based on your findings but give them an option to choose. With eBay marketing, that is not an issue since it is designed to be straight forward. They can choose to be part of your mailing list by adding you to their "favorite store" list or subscribe to your newsletter. You have to include a link in all listings and other eBay store pages to get maximum exposure.
If you choose to design your own email marketing campaign you will also have to make sure it complies with eBay requirements. eBay prohibits links to off eBay sites. With this in mind you will then be limited in what you can offer your customers in opt in choices. One advantage is that you can market your own store on other sites freely.
With eBay Email marketing campaign all the guesswork is eliminated. You will only have to follow the steps provided. You can design and start running your campaign within minutes. With Email marketing you will be able to attract and retain customers to your business for a long time. This will end up bringing in repeat business, loyal customers and eventually profits.

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