Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Selecting And Evaluating A Solo Ad List Broker

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Selecting a solo ad list broker is half art and half science.
The art involves searching on Google or other search engine sites, visiting each website, reading the information presented and making a judgment of which sites can best help you. Next you will want to make contact with the list owner.
Developing your list is the keystone to building your online business successfully. Yes, it takes time but it is time well spent to grow your business.
However, it doesn't have to be that time consuming because as a member of Networking Insight's Inner Circle Kevin Hokoana provides you with a list of Solo Ad brokers to start evaluating for yourself. Watch his videos and if you pay attention you will see who he uses throughout the demonstrations.
What I look for in a Solo Ad list broker; first is a guaranteed delivery of the number of clicks purchased. Second I want to have total control over my subject headline and the body copy. Third the ad must go to targeted traffic related to my ad. Fourth I want my ad to be the only solo ad that the Solo Ad list broker sends out. I don't want my ad to be one of many on the page.
Once you identify a few possible Solo Ad list brokers send an e-mail and introduce yourself. Tell them what you want to purchase. When is it possible to send the ad? How many slots are open in the time frame you want the ad to be sent? Ask if ads similar to yours have been placed. Include a copy of your ad for review. Wait for a response.
You goal is to develop a friendly and professional relationship with the Solo Ad list broker that is build around courtesy and appreciation.
Here is where the science comes into play.
I believe very strongly that you must always measure your outcomes and set up systems that are repeatable. You will pay more attention to the things you measure. In the healthcare industry we use metrics to measure results that help us to make better decisions. As an example:
I use twelve column accounting paper and in each column header I list the following: Solo Ad list broker's name, number of clicks, purchase date, dated ads start coming in, cost of the ad, cost per opt-in, number of opt-ins, percentage of opt-ins, and number of sales.
Over time I am developing data about which Solo Ad list broker gets the best results. Once I know where the best results are I will get a better return on my investment. You probably use an excel spreadsheet to build your metrics. However you measure your results be consistent. Money is a precious commodity, use it smartly. Don't let calculating the numbers frighten you, its just arithmetic. Test and evaluate must be your standard operating procedure. Trial and error in selecting and evaluating a solo ad list broker is not an option.
I'll see you in the front row of success


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