Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7 Do's And Don't Of Making Blogging Easy And Fun To Do

Nobody expects your blog to a literary masterpiece so immediate stop trying to make it perfect or the one that gets 1,000 shares in Facebook, but bear in mind that you always want to deliver something of value and not just "something" that ranks for a keyword you thought of.
Set aside some time each week to write your next article for your blog and once you a first draft, go back over it, editing out the 7 Deadly Sins of Copywriting.
  • Spelling mistakes, use a spellcheck by all means but never rely on it, it is always good practise to print it out and proof read it in black and white.

  • Grammar and punctuation errors. Buy a good grammar guide or use an online reference to help with common mistakes like using their instead of there.

  • Factual inaccuracies, just because someone says something, does not make it right. Make 100% certain with the spelling of people's names, job titles, book titles and recommendations for products you may write about and make sure your numbers add up too.

  • Long sentences are a big no-no. Shorter sentences are easier to read and give your message greater impact as people tend to "scan read" online.

  • Do not use overly complex words, speak through your blog as you would talk to someone in person so they get a simple, clear and direct message.

  • Using too many unnecessary words. Check every section once you have printed your article out and edit where necessary and words or phrases that do not contribute to your blog post, message or meaning.

  • Jargon and abbreviations of words that most people do not understand. Although there may be industry specific terms you can use in your niche, make sure you explain their meaning and do not just assume that your audience will know that "badass" means great for example. (I thought these people had something wrong with them)
Just by eliminating those seven common mistakes, most of which are of course common sense, but as the saying goes, if common sense was more common.. there would be a lot more of it around.
Now take your blogging to the next level by implementing these simple tips:-
  1. Keep it simple, limit your blog post to one topic or one simple idea per post.

  2. Break your text up into smaller paragraphs and use bold and italics to emphasize your key points to help people "scan read" your content.

  3. Make liberal use of bullet points, lists and breaks in the text to help draw people to the "good stuff"

  4. Embed links to make it easy for your readers to read more evidence or information that may be of interest to them and enhances your blog post as the provider of great information.

  5. Be yourself, remember blogging in today's business world is all about authenticity.

  6. Write something.. often! Just do it!

  7. Take it 3 dimensional by adding video or audio, add in worksheets and Free Reports to make your blog stand out and keep adding value in everything you do

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